Be a positive role Model

Remember that you are your children's most important role model. They learn by observing you, even when you don't know it.

Demonstrate your own sense of self-respect and healthy lifestyle (Healthy eating, regular exercise, etc.).

Be cautious about how you use prescription medication and even over-the-counter medicines. Show that you can deal with mild pain or tension without alcohol or drugs.

Show that you value independence-- that you don't have to "follow the crowd" but prefer to think for yourself.

Be aware of how your own use of alcohol can influence children. Avoid giving excuses for drinking, like "having a rough day." Don't allow children to mix drinks, or serve drinks to guests. Don't serve alcohol to children, not even beer. Don't tell funny stories about people being drunk.

If you are trying to change something in your own behavior--like quitting smoking and drinking, or losing weight--talk about it openly and honestly. Its OK to let your children know that making changes isn't easy. We all need to work at changing, and making healthier choices. 

Show that you love and value each member of the family. Make plans ahead of time with your children for doing special things like going to a movie or museum. Also enjoy spur of the moment fun like going for ice cream or taking a walk together after a rain storm